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Candy Ken Net Worth: How Much is the Austrian Rapper Worth?



Candy Ken Net Worth

Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl, who is better known by his stage name as Candy Ken, is an Austrian rapper and model. He represents a unique appearance where he has a masculine build but with outfits that are more feminine. This has sparked a lot of curiosity among people over him and his music. Candy Ken’s net worth as of today is estimated to be around $1 million.

Ken was born on July 27, 1992, in Bregenz, Austria. He grew up studying in Austria but decided for an exchange program in the U.S. for a year during high school which he mentions having a significant impact on the choices he made. He studied at Wenatchee High School in Wenatchee, Washington where he played football and studied subjects like art and photography. The difference he found in culture was that American culture encouraged students to be whoever they wanted to be.



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Ken then went to Berlin for his further studies at Lette-Verein college where he was studying photography and film design. But, he was one of the few with a very open-minded attitude and always used to have crazy ideas that would always get turned down. It was during this time that he had created the persona of Candy Ken which he specifically described to be incorporating the imagery from Hello Kitty, Japanese culture as well as Barbie dolls.

He then made the bold decision to drop out from college in 2014 and focus more upon things that sparked his passion with more autonomy over what he created. His first EP would be called Candy Land which he released that same year. Moreover, his film making skills were also put into action when he decided to create a short film about it called Welcome to Candy Land that was so good that it even won an at the Austrian short film festival Alpinale the next year.

He went on to release another EP called Daddy 69 in 2015 which included the popular and unorthodox song called “69”. He would then release his first-ever album called Real Talk that included a total of 12 songs. The album was heavily influenced by Riff Raff.

Candy Ken has been active in modeling as well. Back in 2015, he would come into contact with the brand creative designer of popular brand called Diesel named  Nicola Formichetti who instantly saw something for him in modeling. He introduced Ken to several key people in the fashion industry that would help him get started.

He even bought a plane ticket for him to Milan where he started his career with a Japanese fashion magazine called FREE. Ken has further appeared for the likes of VMAN magazine, Dazed magazine, as well as Paper magazine.

Does he have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend?

On several occasions in interviews, Candy Ken has been asked about where he stands in terms of the identity that he sees for himself. He was once asked if he is a member of the LGBT community too. He did mention that he supported them and love them but didn’t give an indicated about if personally identifies as an LGBT member.

We are still not aware about this and it seems that would rather keep this to himself for the moment. He does want to spread more openness and tolerance for newness in people’s minds through his music.

Candy Ken Net Worth

As of 2019, Candy Ken net worth is estimated to be $1 million. He recently spent an entire month in Japan, where he has a big fan base by doing some shows as well as creating more music videos. He says that the internet generation has been his biggest fan base and are the ones who are the most supportive and loving of his music.

Moreover, he even has merchandise which matches the craziness of his own appearances and definitely aligns with the type of persona he has created for Candy Ken with a collection called the Unicorn Gang.


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