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City Morgue Net Worth: How Rich is the Hip-Hop Group?



City Morgue Net Worth

City Morgue is an American hip hop group that has its roots in New York City. The duo includes ZillaKami, SosMula, and Thraxx as the producer. One of their most popular projects includes their mixtape called Hell Or High Water. City Morgue net worth at the moment is estimated to be $400,000.

Initially, it was ZillaKami and SosMula who had worked on forming the current group with both of them being from New York and being raised in environments where there was an abundance of crack and heroin addiction. They officially formed the group in 2017 as a stint in jail made them more serious towards their career.

The group produces music that is on the violent side of things including showing the use of drugs as well as guns. This has made them a polarizing figure they have critics who do not approve of their style.

The group has had there fair of controversy and drama previously. Among them, the case with 6ix9ine definitely is on top of the list. Back in 2017, ZillaKami was working together with the infamous rapper and even ghostwrote several of his songs. But, later on, they had a big dispute since 6ix9ine refused to pay up money that he owed them.

Because of this, as an act of revenge, ZillaKami decided to publicly circulate information about 6ix9ine’s child sex abuse charges which has stuck to his bad reputation since. City Morgue then decided to leave this behind and focus upon their own projects coming up with releases such as “Shinners 13”  and “Sk8 Head”. These were big successes as they ended up getting millions of listens on Soundcloud.

Since the trio has been working together, their most well-known project has been the album that was titled as City Morgue Vol 1: Hell or High Water. They have done several shows since then with one of their first headline show being in New York City at Saint Vitus Bar. They want to be the first of their kind music-wise to make it big and are confident in their ability as well.

City Morgue Net Worth: $400,000

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