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Kate Chastain Net Worth: How Rich is the ‘Below Deck’ Star?



Kate Chastain Net Worth

Kate Chastain is the Chief Stewardess who is best known for starring in the show called Below Deck in Bravo TV which shows life of working in luxury yachts. Kate Chastain net worth is estimated to be $350,000.

Chastain had actually never dreamed of becoming a Stewardess. What had actually happened was that she had finished her graduation and was planning to take a gap year. She then decided to become part of working on the waters as a stewardess.

The experience made her realize that this was something that she loved to do and as a result, she decided to continue her career in this line. Today, she has had over 12 years of experience in this very field which she began back in 2007.

She has a unique job in many regards and has managed to go all around the globe reaching different places such as New England, the Mediterranean, The Carribean, and Central America. To document the different stories and experiences that she has been able to gather during this time, Chastain even wrote a book called ‘Lucky Charming’, which was released in 2016. It made it to the Amazon #1 Best Seller List. For those not interested in books, she has her Instagram profile with over 500k followers where she shares her different stories.

As she has matured more, Chastain has decided to venture out into other interests of hers too. In 2017, she decided to start a new business venture called Genesis Boutique which is a non-profit high-end resale shop. Moreover, she also has Genesis House which works to supports, homeless women and children.

Being in the show Below Deck, fans have gotten to know the benefits she has with the work she has. Yet, people have also been able to know about some of her problems and struggles. Among them was an altercation she had with a close one. As a result, Chastain has been single for a while now and is still searching for love. She is openly a bisexual woman.

Kate Chastain Net Worth: $350,000

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